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welcomeAdam Safeguard is a full service New Jersey Investigative agency that has been in operation continuously for over 45 years.   From Pre-Employment Screening, Student Screening to litigation management, we provide premier quality results while keeping your bottom line in mind.

From the Gumshoes searching courthouse files to the Geeks mastering database sources, Adam balances the old time experience with the newest technology providing the best search results. Our scope of services includes, but is not limited to, medical malpractice, slip and fall, auto, worker’s compensation, financial fraud and backgrounds (Pre-Employment/Student/Business/Competitors). In the end, they all require the detailed attention Adam Safeguard provides.

Expertise – Adam is the architect and owner of the Forensic Abstract, a background program to identify fraudulent statements, claims, and allegations. Widely accepted since 1991, this product has been utilized to examine over 25,000 medical malpractice claims, thousands of personal injury cases, motor vehicle, slip & falls and workers compensation claims.

  • EXPERIENCE:  Since 1967, public sector, private sector, corporate, legal, small business and educational student market.
  • EXPERTISE:  We wrote the book on backgrounds, “Don’t Hire a Crook” and “25 Essential Lessons on Employee Management”.
  • TECHNOLOGY:  Safe, secure, confidential, Internet.
  • FEATURES:  24 hours/7 days instant access, paperless.
  • SERVICES:  Complete from credit to criminal history, education references, licenses, and public records.
  • COMPLIANCE:  We know the laws and will guide you.
  • PRICING:  We are competitive with all major providers.
  • PLUS:    No hidden fees, you only pay for what you order when you want it, that’s it.
  • GOAL: To provide equal access to all employers regardless of size or number of employees.
  • INSURANCE:  Adam Safeguard is fully insured

Experience – over 45 years of professional engagement

  •  Over 10,000 medical malpractice claims
  • Conducted millions of backgrounds
  • Authored supplementary deposition questions for major case discovery
  • Conducted bulk background searches from 200 to 200,000 at one time for specific purposes

Adam’s principle:

  • Literally wrote the books on Litigation Management, Workers Comp Solution and How to Conduct Backgrounds- Was selected as an expert contributor to provide input in Guidelines for Improved Automated Criminal Record Systems for Effective Screening of Personnel, which was commissioned and funded by the Department of Justice.
  • A coauthor of a model policy for Multi-Agency Task Force Investigations developed by the International Association of Chiefs of Police, Police Investigation Committee, of which he is a member Intelligence sharing policy for law enforcement (same committee)
  • Selected to review the New Jersey Task Force Report on risk management and to provide recommendations for State government to be included in the final report
  • Has won approval for Continuing Education units for NJ Government employees for Employee Hiring, The Application Process, Employee Backgrounds, How and Why, Bringing the New Hire in the Right Way, Workers Compensation Issues/Remedies, and The Guide to Litigation Management.
  • Authored Don’t Hire a Crook, 25 Essential Lessons for Employee Management, Effective Hiring Procedures, Worker’s Compensation, The Dilemma and Practical Remedies , and The Guide to Litigation Management

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